Mona is a jewel of a yoga teacher. Her presence, wisdom, and openness of heart make it one of life's great blessings to be in her class! Govindas

Her class is tremendous if the sweaty serenity on her students faces as they file out of her class is any indication, yet her true gift is not in what she does it is in who she is! Mona is the first and only person i have ever met who's heart is bigger than her body. since yoga at it's core is about love you could see why she is the master. bryan kest

Mona's class is an excellent mix of strong flow and gentle meditative movement. Her attention to detail helps beginners find their way into the poses and intermediates settle into their body. Beyond yoga, Mona's personal energy and vitality she brings to class continues to inspire those of us who know and love her. Katherine

I have studied yoga on and off for the past seven years and I can say, with all confidence, that Mona is one of, if not the best teachers I have had the pleasure of learning from and with. Mona's talent is multifaceted. She not only models and teaches safe and precise asanas, she understands and incorporates the philosophy of yoga into her classes as well. Her soothing, gentle yet firm teaching style makes any level participant feel welcome, solid and challenged. She pays homage to the past and to the traditional methods of yoga while keeping her classes modern, accessible and fun. She's a serious student of yoga and a generous teacher of the practice. Now, imagine a platform extending over an Andaman Sea beach in Thailand, an hour after sunrise, with a sweet and salty breeze brushing past your shoulders, tossling your hair and cooling your morning practice with a smiling, positive, petite powerhouse named Mona. That's Yoga with Mona - even has a nice ring to it. Stefanie

Mona is awsome & full of love.

Mona was my first teacher. I had never been to a yoga class before and I casually agreed to go with a friend that was visiting. She was amazed that I lived so close to some of the greatest teachers in the country and wasn't taking advantage of it. The next thing I know is that I'm midway into the class and Mona's clear flowing voice connected with me so profoundly that years later, I have never looked back. Mona Haymaker will always be my favorite teacher, she has the perfect balance of softness and fire, intuition and drive, love and technical care. She led me to innumerable changes. I owe her my new life. joey lugassy

Mona is an inspiring yoga teacher and meeting every practioner on their level. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an advanced yoga student. You will get the most out of it joining one of Monas classes! Camilla

Mona brings a devotion and a peaceful spirit to the yoga practice. Her focus on breath and flow is both inspiring and challenging; not to mention she's a beautiful soul. Jake

If you are looking for someone and something that truly touch your life.....then give this a go. Mona truly walks the path she talks.....without the bullshit. I'm a 37 year old woman travelling in Thailand and I recently had the fortune of spending some time with this lady - I watch in amazement at her ability to give to everybody she meets. And you couldn't ask for a more beautiful location - sun, sand, sea, Yoga and Mona. What more can you possibly want!!!! Sara

About Mona


Mona is presently living and loving life on Koh Lanta, a magical Thai island in the Andaman Sea - a world away from her birthplace - Enid, Oklahoma.

After graduating from University of Oklahoma and five years in the oil business she moved to Los Angeles working as a stockbroker. During that 10 years she began searching for a more fulfilling life and became a Certified Massage Therapist. In 1998 she left the corporate life, still searching. She finally found her passion in a yoga class with Bryan Kest. After completing his teacher training and a Vipassana Course she began teaching at his studio, Santa Monica Power Yoga. In 2000 she took another teacher training with Ana Forrest.
She continued her study of yoga with numerous workshops and countless classes from various teachers and a dedicated personal practice.

Mona passes on this tradition, this gift of yoga to locals, ex-pats and tourists from all over the world in the hopes that they will pass it on.

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